DANCE: Discussion Affordances for Natural Collaborative Exchange

Third Party edX Resources

DANCE edX Resources

EdX courseware is built out of components that are combined hierarchically. These "XBlocks" include components like the video player or compound components like learning sequences. We gather information about XBlocks developed by the community that facilitate collaboration in online learning environment. Whereever possible, we provide a testbed for users to try these components along with links to the original sources. It is our hope that this can inspire contributions by others and foster discussion among the community of CSCL researchers about possibilities for collaborative tools that can be deployed and tested.

XBlocks for Collaboration

XBlocks supporting collaboration in MOOCs

XBlocks for 3rd Party Tool Integration

XBlocks for integrating 3rd party tools

XBlocks for User Interactivity

XBlocks that provide interactive features for users

XBlocks for Test and Launch

XBlocks for testing and launching

Disclaimer: Unless explicitly specified, we do not own or maintain any of the XBlocks/code referenced on this page. They are all to the credit of their original authors. In the spirit of the open source movement, this is merely an effort to aggregate and demostrate available open source resources that can expedite ideation/development of new features by others.