DANCE: Discussion Affordances for Natural Collaborative Exchange


DANCE edX Resources

XBlocks for User Interactivity

XBlock Contributor Test Link
3D Model Viewer Extension Engine Click Here!
Animations Piotr Mitros TBA
Adventure Style Task Simulation EdX Solutions Click Here!
Carousel for content space Boston University Metropolitan College External Test Link
Carousel for content and practice space Boston University Metropolitan College External Test Link
Drag and Drop EdX Solutions TBA
Drag and Drop (with Image Explorer) EdX Solutions Click Here!
Image 'Hotspot' Explorer EdX Solutions Click Here!
Problem Builder Open Craft Click Here!
Interactive Pie Chart Extension Engine Click Here!
Video Rater UC3Mx Digital Click Here!

You can test the components listed on this page live in our Open edX instance. The required login credentials can be found here.

Disclaimer: Unless explicitly specified, we do not own or maintain any of the XBlocks/code referenced on this page. They are all to the credit of their original authors. In the spirit of the open source movement, this is merely an effort to aggregate and demostrate available open source resources that can expedite ideation/development of new features by others.