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A MOOC for programmers in the developing world

DANCE Talk Series

Speaker: Riaz Moola, Hyperion Development
Date: June 09, 2016, 11.00am EDT (view in your time zone)
Talk: Hangout on air
Video only (YouTube)


Computer Science education is uniquely empowering in the developing world. No skill can more rapidly empower individuals to enter life-changing careers, but no skill is as hard to learn in the global south. Hyperion Development has built the first online course platform for programmers in Africa, allowing students with limited internet access to still take courses online. Hyperion became Google's first education partner in South Africa in 2015, and uses a community-driven based MOOC model to link students with one-on-one tutors who understand the local African context.

Speaker Bio

Riaz is currently the director of Hyperion, which he founded in 2012 whilst studying, and recently completed a MPhil in Technology Policy and MPhil in Advanced Computer Science as a Gates Cambridge Scholar at the University of Cambridge. Riaz originally comes from South Africa, and completed his undergraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh. He previously worked as a Product Manager as part of the core Google search team, and became the first South African to join Google's Associate Product Manager programme.